IT Staff Outsourcing In UK

We Outsource All Your IT Needs For Your Business

The revolution of industry brought us in an arena where the companies shifted the way they did business. They started relying heavily on outsourcing and it has spread its wings as offshoring is now a prominent business practice. Thereby to secure your business credentials and data we provide one of the most common services outsourced today that is IT outsourcing. We use IT outsourcing for purposes of infrastructure, software development to sustenance, and support. Even if you don’t have your own in-house IT team, we can take care of all your technology-based demands. We have all the capabilities to outsource your data storage needs and also our services are readily available to manage your data storage devices.

Whether you are looking for a quick fix or in search for a long term contract, Samarsol have all the flexible solutions that can be tailored to your business needs.

IT Staffing Solution

If your organization or your clients are looking for a specialized IT outsourcing solution they can expect Samarsol to provide a complete IT staffing solution anywhere around the UK. We are not short of personnel and expertise

Leading Experts

Can't find an expert web developer? Bring it on Samarsol, we all expertise, whether it is Shopify, Magento, Custom PHP or WordPress web development. We have what you need in abundance.

Work & Cost Efficiency

Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide efficient IT services in UK and what makes us the best is that our IT staff outsourcing services costs 43% less than the average in house staff.

Excellent Support

Whenever a problem arises, no matter the time, you will find us ready to support and help you anytime of the day. Our support is always at the ready for you.

Need An IT Solution For Your Business? Wing IT with Us

We wholeheartedly offer to become the IT wing of your company. We sit up with the client to understand their need and requirement of IT and formulate a plan according to their desires for their business. We become the best listening ear when it comes to listening to what the client demands.

Our IT team possesses great skills and the creative flow of keeping your company in the market. We help the client in optimizing business processes, we use GAP analysis to recognize the gaps in the chosen solutions to make sure that they aren’t creating any issues within the run, we can build custom software. With our productive staff onboard, we keep our clients assisted to run their business responsibly with utter smoothness.  we also take care of the non-IT companies striving to join this line of services, we even train our employees with software development for a steady business execution.

A Fan Of Evolving Software System? Samarsol Have The Skills For You

We have incorporated a pool of highly competent developers having a vast understanding of the tools and technology needs. We have a hierarchy of talent and skills to be readily used as per requirement for the client’s wish. The team is an aid for long-term commitments due to the loyalty and commitment showed by the developers having an in-depth knowledge of business regulations.

Our development team can also build unit test cases for you using popular receptacles such as NUnit and JUnit. Our testing includes the following qualities:

  • Test case implementation
  • Assurance of requirements
  • UI testing
  • Security audit
  • Benchmarking using various hardware and software compositions
  • Stress testing

The team possesses efficient and vast familiarity with application testing to make your journey with us a smooth ride to enjoy.

We train our managers to plan a task sheet for each developer to keep up with their assigned duties within the span of a week. We have managed to train our managers to prepare a weekly check-up report to present in front of the clients to assist and to update them on the progress of their company’s consignment. We have a diverse development process including tracking, surveillance, risk administration, activity preparation report to assist clients, and also for preparing requirements documents.

Our project managers have all the extraordinary skills to work with primary stakeholders and to create WBS documents, cost estimations, project plans, risk designation, traceability matrix, and administration. They have a complete know-how of CMM oriented process management and as per the PMP curriculum, they are fully skilled and competent.

Let us improve your business!

In this prototype of outsourcing, we trust our services to the quality assurance staff we have hired. They intend to work with the requirement specification and Functional Specification documents to develop test cases and also have the capabilities to perform end-to-end application testing.